Seo performance tools: know which ones to use to monitor performance

You can only manage what you can measure. At this time seo (search engine optimization) performance tools to monitor your website are fundamental to outline your strategies. Only then will you know if your company is heading in the right direction by knowing the behavior of your target audience. The movements of the competition and the performance of the page. This monitoring is so important because it allows. Route changes and even better planning to understand how to sell in the age of reputation . And what company doesn’t want. To appear at the top of google searches and other search engines to generate more business and financial health? In order not to fall into path deviations. Several tools allow you to know the performance of your site, paid or free.

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Performance tools after understanding the concept of seo. Performance and how its strategies work, it’s time to learn about the main tools that can help every company on its digital journey. Check out: semrush those who work with seo have an indispensable partner in semrush. This is a visibility analysis tool, responsible for. Delivering consolidated data by user search and placement on the google serp. With semrush, you can: research keywords. Relevant to your strategy; know the positioning of your keywords in organic searches; know which keywords your content is ranking for. Know the advertising strategies used by the competition; number and. Analysis of backlinks; estimated cost of ppc according to.

Organic traffic; the tool is paid and offers several plans,

There is a free version of semrush with limitations, such as. For example, limiting searches per day, examining only 10 results, that is, only the first 10 keywords listed in the search. Google analytics among the seo tools, this could not fail to be one of the first to be listed in this text, because it is really. Indispensable for companies and with the advantage of being free. Ga brings a very complete picture of the metrics needed. To monitor the site and you must have it installed correctly on your site to be able to measure the data, such as. Monitoring traffic and overall conversions (users, revenue, conversion rate and sessions); traffic source; volume of users per hour and day. Average user time spent on the page and main urls accessed by them; most accessed urls in a given period; bounce rate average and for top urls.

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