What is an algorithm? An algorithm is an ordered and systematic set of rules and logical operations that allows us to perform a calculation to find the solution to a specific type of problem. Now, if we take this term to relate it to searches on the Internet, we could define it: What are Internet search algorithms? An Internet search algorithm is a set of instructions that describe the procedure to follow to find a specific and specific result on the Internet, within a larger data structure. Perhaps explained this way it sounds complicated,

Algorithms like

But if we approach the term email contact list from a computer science point of view, we find a clearer explanation, since an algorithm is a fundamental concept of that field. This word implies a precise prescription of the actions that must be carried out to achieve a specific goal. Thus, we can assume that any instruction is an algorithm if: Its points do not allow different development variants. Directions are provided for all possible scenarios.

Algorithm and updates

But what do we talk about when we EO Leads ask ourselves what an Internet search algorithm is? When we go to search for something (for example, on Google ), what we want is an exact and filtered answer , not millions of pages that have nothing to do with our request. An algorithm is then the perfect tool to limit that search to the minimum expression, since it is a computer program that looks for clues to give you exactly what you have asked for.










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