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Drupal is undoubtely more popular among developers with a coding background. It is certainly not a good option for a beginner,  more time/resources than learning to use WordPress. Read more here why Drupal might suit you . Joomla is quite similar to WordPress and it is possible to create perfectly functioning web pages with it. Again, WordPress requires a lot of less technical knowlege to set up a website that works quickly and for free. Read more here why Joomla might suit you . WordPress, Drupal and Joomla are the three most popular web development/content management platforms/systems. In fact, there are hundres of others besides them.

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Here you can find a list and description (in English) of web creation/content management platforms – Top 10 CMS Platforms in 2020 and Why You Should Use Them . Here you can find an even longer Wikipeia list of different platforms that you Latest Mailing Database can use to create your website. My firm recommendation is: use WordPress to create your website and choose the easier way! Especially if you’re just starting out. Without a doubt, WordPress is the easiest and most colorful web development platform I’ve come across. No other platform offers such a large number of setting options.

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The opportunity to improve your page with the help of various plugins (“plugin” in Estonian) . If you want to create a website for your company , are a EJ Leads blogger , are a freelance web developer or a creative person or just want to learn something new, then WORDPRESS is the best option for you! Now that you have made your choice and chosen WordPress for the development of your future website, let’s talk a little ” technically.

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