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Did you know that it is possible to apply. Data science in digital marketing ? It seems something far from a company’s routine, but make no mistake: the name of this is data driven marketing. This strategy is based on the use of modern technologies to analyze content generated by the market, the. Organization and its target audience . In this approach, marketers are able to map trends and obtain valuable information to think about. Creative dissemination ideas , which can be. Converted into actionable decisions and practical actions.

Do you think this type of solution is far from your business

Know that it may be closer than it seems! Want to know how. Keep reading and find out! Data driven marketing: know this strategy what is the purpose of data driven marketing. The purpose of data driven marketing is to improve marketing South Africa Business Email List strategies and processes, enabling the company to discover. Trends and monitor changes in public behavior. Basically, the desire of every area manager. This solution also makes it possible to find risks and opportunities based. On the data collected, in order to improve the view that one has of consumers and enhance the company’s performance. You can understand the customer’s buying journey and discover which factors influence their decisions.

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When the brand better understands how to serve its

Consumers, it becomes easier to develop effective advertising actions. With data driven marketing, you’ll be able to eliminate hours of fruitless analysis trying to figure out how to do your next campaign. In other words, you can kiss goodbye to EJ Leads many tiresome meetings that go nowhere. How should it be applied? As seen, data driven consists. Of a methodology oriented to data from individuals (pfs) or legal entities (pjs), both customers and partners. Even competitors can be analyzed in search of information that helps with marketing actions. To use it, it is necessary to adopt technological solutions that. Use algorithms  for the company.

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