Accept That Big Data Is Here to Stay

The first step to extracting valuable customer data is to acknowlge that good data is “in there somewhere” and to have a willingness to mine through it. View: our definitive data driven marketing webinar for inspirational tips and inspiration on the subject. 2. Invest in analytics the key factor to making use of customer data for marketing. Once you acknowlge its potential. Is to have the right tools and talent to wade into the sea of information and come back with data that makes the most sense to you. You should seriously consider allocating some operational budget to analytics.

Bigger companies may have entire departments dicat to this job

Bigger companies may have entire departments dicat to this job. But while that scale gets results. That’s not the only way to achieve useful analytics. Even small to mium enterprises can find an analytics solution that works for their size and budgetary requirements. Why choose dmi? 3. Use historical data when it comes to extracting real value from customer data for marketing. People often think of metrics or digital insights as a way to help prict the future. But some of the most important lessons that data teaches us have come from the past. A good long-term plan to use data from customer information is analyzing historical data.

Businesses should always be aware

Businesses should always be aware that some of the best data available are the sets that are gather over time. For example. You should not be ignoring sales data from the last 5 to 10 years. Even if it’s not part of your current digital infrastructure. Use document management systems and archive this data if you must. But analytics put to the task of discerning past customer sales data can reveal incribly useful information about customer behavior and buying patterns. If you have existing data. Even if it’s not digital. Digitize it and make sure your software can use it. Under the right circumstances. It may be far more helpful than you imagine.

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