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The increasing advances in the field of mobile telephony. Have transformed brazil into one of the countries that consume the most cell phones in the world. Along with this brand, we became. The world champion in app usage per day. The study was by app annie, and points out that brazilians use an average of 12 apps per day. As for the number of downloads, brazil is in fourth place with more than 6 billion. And the predictions don’t stop there! After a 20% growth in downloads in just three years, it is believed that in 2022, brazil will exceed 8 billion. Downloads and will be behind only the usa, india and china. After this data, do you still have questions about investing in push. Notifications? Keep reading our post and stay on top of this tool.

Push notifications discover 10 advantages What

Is a push notification? Throughout our day. We receive a series of notifications from the apps we have on our cell phones, don’t we? These are notices about new emails, promotions, tv schedules, etc. But have you noticed that we also get these alerts in the browser you use to access the internet. These warnings are a kind of alert sent United Arab Emirates Business Email List via push notification service to a mobile device or browser, with the aim of taking you. To the app or website that the warning. Notifications aim to promote engagement, and therefore are. According to each person’s preferences and profile. This is the only way to generate content of interest to the user, in order to increase the possibility of clicks.

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As such they can aim to announce a promotion invite

To an event, provide an update, and much more. As previously, notifications can be via mobile or browser. Let’s get to know the characteristics of each of them! Web push notification. These are instant notifications sent from browsers EJ Leads such as google chrome and firefox, which look very similar to a pop-up. The first time it appears to you, you will be whether or not you allow notifications to be sent about that site. They are very common in social networks, news sites and e-commerces , for example. This type of notification is very functional, as. It does not require the installation of an application to all device models.

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