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A company event inspire by the Wild West is a cowboy scenographic atmosphere and a dynamic scenario that will make the participants crave true madness! A country party must take place in a place stylize as a western saloon. Participants should wear traditional cowboy clothes, and the tables should not miss roast meats, corn cakes, frie apples and raisin pudding. The event will be complemente by crazy cowboy games. One of the most popular is the lasso throw. To play we nee: a rope from which we will make a lasso, one chair and a lot of positive attitude! How is the gameplay going.

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Each participant, standing on the designate line, tries to catch the “bull. Whose role is playe by the previously mentione chair – with a lasso. The person with the most accuracy is the winner! Other games perfect for a cowboy corporate Latest Mailing Database party include: line dance, piñata, sheriff star, archery, water pistol duel. “Student” company party There’s something fun about student life. The first apartment without parents, the first steps in adult life, parties until dawn, fascinating lectures, lots of unique acquaintances and this amazing carefreeness that makes every day more beautiful. Who wouldn’t want to go back to school for just one day? Thanks to the “student” theme party, it’s possible.

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American movies portray college parties as epic, fille to the brim with great fun and positive energy. How to prepare such an event? Posters EJ Leads of American pop stars and the. American flag should hang on the walls, a real popcorn machine should be place in the corner of the room.  And iconic re plastic cups and cardboard packaging for popcorn straight from the USA should definitely appear on the tables. The party should run to the rhythm of timeless pop songs by Lady Gaga, Rihanna or Madonna. The American menu ideal for a “student” party includes hamburgers, fries, pizza and hot dogs, serve with cola and beer.

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