How stanley increased sales amid the pandemic

In the market for over a century, stanley has always. Been true to its values: durability, relevance and tradition. And we know these values ​​well, after all, we’ve worked together since the brand arrived in brazil. From online to offline , vx comunicação serves stanley by focusing on its essence and awakening. Public trust with relevant and strategic actions. Stanley is known for the very high quality of its products. The company sells cups, pots and thermoses, as well as camping kits. It is a fact that the brand epitomizes an adventurous and dynamic lifestyle, but it. Is not just on trails, camping and travel that its business is based on. The year 2020 arrived with many adversities and it was. Necessary to reassess the brand’s communication strategies .

In a work built in partnership with the client we redirected

Our gaze and saw, in the midst of the crisis, an opportunity. To reinforce stanley’s pillars and show that its wide range of equipment is ideal for any moment, making its motto. Built for life” (built for life). Overall, it is nothing new that the covid-19 pandemic has profoundly affected the world and the way we lead our lives. The challenges were Saint Kitts and Nevis Business Email List many – they still are, in fact. With regard to business, it was necessary to find appropriate solutions to. New demands to circumvent the imposed barriers. Companies had to adapt to the new scenario. And so it was for stanley. But, working together, we understood the new routine and.

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The new desires of the public we reassessed some

Digital marketing strategies and reaped good results. The brand increased its reach and relevance, grew and strengthened the relationship with its followers on instagram and, as. Consequently, more sales were generated. Want to know how it happened? Keep reading to find out how our 2020 was together with stanley. Time to align the communication EJ Leads strategy to the new scenario the way out for many companies during the pandemic. Was to migrate to digital, but stanley already had a consolidated presence in this environment. What to change then? The way to connect with the public ! L we. Know that it is by placing people at the center of the strategy that we can.

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