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Every marketing and sales professional is satisfied when a lead converts and, even more so, when it arrives through a recommendation made by a partner client. Generally, leads that arrive this way are more likely to close a deal because they already have initial knowledge about a product or service. This way of bringing potential customers to companies. Is known as referral marketing, a very useful and powerful strategy to increase sales. And win new customers, with low cost and less time to act. But, as it is a strategy that is still little known and explored, many. Companies do not use it, losing a good opportunity to acquire competitive potential.

Do you want to know how referral marketing

Can help you achieve better sales results and acquire new. Customers, saving time and investment? Keep reading this text until the end and find out! What is referral marketing? Referral marketing is a set of initiatives that encourage and stimulate customers, through their positive experiences with a brand, to indicate it. To family, friends and acquaintances, making them become potential customers as well. In this way, already loyal customers end up France Business Email List becoming brand promoters. Thus creating a channel for acquiring recurring leads, capable of bringing in a volume of new customers periodically. Also known as referral marketing (translated from english as referral marketing), this strategy gives greater confidence to those. Who arrive at a brand through the indication of other people who have used it and who had such good experiences, which indicated it.

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In addition this flow has a great potential for acquiring

New customers by referring old customers. How does the strategy work in practice? To get customers to. Recommend your company, you need to encourage them, right? And how to do it? There are several ways, and we’ll give you some examples to EJ Leads help you understand them better. You’ve probably seen some of these strategies out there. Streaming services (like netflix) and ride apps (like uber and 99) are classic examples of companies that make use of referral marketing. In order to increase their user bases, they work campaigns with initiatives for their customers to indicate their services.

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