Instagram reels understand how it works and start using it

In addition to keeping up to date and producing. Relevant content , entrepreneurs, influencers and famous people who use social media to promote themselves need to know. The resources available on each platform. These resources, if well used, can help with strategies for using networks, such as increasing. The number of followers and improving engagement, among others. One of the recent news, which appeared a few months ago. And is gaining a lot of attention on the internet, is reels on instagram. Surely, you’ve heard of it, but like many people, you still. Don’t quite understand how it works and how to actually use it. Reels allows you to record short videos , with the possibility of adding. Audio and images – often bringing humor -, and it is possible to edit them quickly, within instagram itself.

The reels tool on instagram came to compete

With the famous tiktok, launched at the end of 2019. Tiktok is a social network based on the. Creation and publication of short videos, with audio and animated images, and has even impacted the average time users. Remained on instagram, which now has more than 140 million accounts on the chinese social network . Tiktok videos became very Grenada Business Email List popular and, not to be left out of the new wave, the owner of instagram, facebook, created reels, a similar feature, but with. Different features and exclusive to the social network, which quickly also went viral. Between users. To learn more about the new tool, know how to use it and make the most of its benefits, continue reading this post until the end! What is instagram reels. Reels is one of the latest features launched by instagram, which allows you to create videos of up to 15 seconds.

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Just like on the tiktok social network you can record and

Edit short videos and add sound and visual. Effects to them, making them more attractive. In a very simple and easily edited way, these videos EJ Leads can be shared on the social network itself or on others. The goal behind reels is to offer instagram users yet another easy and practical format to use on. The social network, such as stories and igtv. In fact, reels is an evolution of the scenes feature, launched by instagram in november 2019 and enhanced for reels in june 2020. Reels caused the number of active users on the network to grow by 4.34% in november last year , a significant increase compared. To what the network registers with new users each month.

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