Brand monitoring how to apply it in practice

If you are present on social networks, you certainly. Know the importance of monitoring your presence. After all, being present on social media means building relationships , understanding. Your customers and interacting with them. That’s why monitoring helps so much. With it, we can understand what people are. Saying about the company, as well as whether their return and all their marketing work is working. But do you know how to do a good job of monitoring? For you to become an expert on the subject, we separate some tips below. Follow and transform the monitoring of your company. It all starts with good planning.

If you are thinking about doing a good monitoring

Of your brand on social networks, then the first. And important point you need to work on is planning. Of course, you don’t need to have a thousand and one super detailed spreadsheets. Before you start putting your hand in the South Korea Business Email List dough. After all, things on the internet can change at any time. So, start your planning, define your goals, your kpis. And what you want to know or research. But remember that precisely because of this internet volatility, it is always necessary to rely on revisions and adaptations of the strategy to understand what is happening. Therefore, in your planning, also foresee a. Lot of tests to understand what is best for your day to day.

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Player analysis if you want to analyze and monitor

What is happening with your brand on social networks. Then one point that you cannot leave out is exactly your competition. Of course, you don’t need to monitor all of your direct and indirect competitors. The ideal is to list your three main players and monitor what they are doing with your brand. This activity, also called benchmarking , can help you identify new opportunities as well as find possible points that can be improved EJ Leads in your own strategy. Define metrics on social media to work with monitoring, you also need to choose the metrics you want to use in your work before starting it, right. Write down some of the metrics you can list: likes on your page; likes on post; number of shares; comments on the post.

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