Artificial intelligence in digital marketing trends

Get ready: we are living one of the greatest technological. Revolutions of all time with artificial intelligence. There are those who say that it will replace many jobs. However, we believe that by knowing how to use. It, we will all benefit: in terms of productivity, business generation and profitability. And there are already several tools used today that are. Adopting artificial intelligence to improve interaction with customers. One of the strategies adopted is bots, which are becoming. More and more modern, and some even incorporate voice features to have a better connection with the user. And who hasn’t heard of chat gpt artificial intelligence ? Two years from now you will be grateful for reading this post.

How does artificial intelligence work in digital marketing

Artificial intelligence ( ai ) helps brands to optimize. Processes and consequently reduce production time. Therefore, it is one of the most promising points of this year and should be explored. A lot by companies in the coming years. According Congo-Brazzaville Business Email List to the global al adoption index 2022, recently released by ibm, 41% of brazilian companies. Use artificial intelligence in their commercial operations, and 34% explore the technology. In brazil, the use of artificial intelligence. Is being driven by advances that make ai more accessible to companies (56%), its increasing incorporation into. Standard business applications (48%) and the need to reduce costs and automate key processes.

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In the lecture by marcelo sousa president of abradi

Brazilian association of digital agents), already at. Digitalks 2018, it was possible to visualize practical applications of artificial intelligence in the day-to-day of marketing and the advantages. That this near future reserves for us professionals in the area. In fact, for many, that future has already arrived, and already with. Famous names, such as gpt and midjourney, which have been making waves since the end of 2022. The first irrefutable advantage is EJ Leads that using this. Tool on a daily basis will allow much more time for strategic functions – and everyone who works with digital. Marketing knows how important it is to have time to put together strategies.

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