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Why online stores lose money and 16 tips to fix it Indrek of Eenmaa. February 11, 2023 Making an e-shop , Marketing tips , Woocommerce. Digital marketing , Social meia , SEO , Strategy e-shops Contents Do you want to make even. More profit from your e-shop and start sales? Do you want to optimize your e-shop so that it is not only visually beautiful and functional, but also fulfills its main task , i.e. brings sales and profit ? Then you have come across. The right article. Read carefully! We see on a daily basis how many e-shops lose money. And this is actually due to relatively simple actions.

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Even very basic parts are often missing. Webshark has liste 16 different settings , functionalities and actions that will help to increase the sales of your e-store, if not to the ceiling, then to the ceiling! In addition to very important things such payment database systems, along with bank link payment options, there that, base on our experience, are not paid attention to at all. By integrating these ” add-ons ” into the e-store, you ensure a smooth and memorable shopping experience for the e-store visitor and give them the confidence to make their purchase from your e-store – and do so as carefree and quickly as possible.


The phone rings going somewhere

Contents Forgotten cart reminder. In English, ” abandonment cart recovery” is a very necessary tool for e-shops, because according to various EJ Leads sources , as much as 2/3 of purchases are abandone for various human reasons: in a hurry the child is crying someone is at the door are simply left in trouble when in use is simply given up, etc In the case of a forgotten shopping cart, different strategies are use to “catch” customers and continue the purchase.

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