Podcasts why you should pay more attention to this strategy

Accompanying changes in consumer behavior. Audio marketing transformed the digital market in 2019. The internet is full of its revolutions, first the text content that became popular on. Blogs and then the audios, which became even more popular , since you can enjoy these while doing another activity. Not to mention the accessibility that this type of content brings with it. Do you want to know more about how the podcast universe works and. How they can compose your marketing strategy? Then follow this post! What is a podcast? Before we start talking about its. Use, nothing better than being on the same page on the subject, right? Thus, podcasts can be defined as a series. Of episodes recorded in audio that are transmitted online.

They can have various formats from individual or

Collective recordings, even interviews, for example. Each program has a theme, and this format usually has a host, who is a person who is responsible for presenting the theme. In addition to being available online, many are also available for download so you can listen to them offline. Why invest in podcast? According to a survey carried out in brazil, around 50 million people have already listened to a podcast program. Such impressive data has to Nicaragua Business Email List say something, doesn’t it. Along with this information, we also know that there is an increase in the audience of podcasts. As well as in investments related to this area. To help you understand if this type of strategy is effective for you, we have separated some topics below. Follow: persona the first variable you should consider when analyzing whether. A podcast is right for your business is your target audience.

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Who your persona is , if she has an affinity with this type of content. And only after figuring this out, go on! Now that you have this information, yes, you will be able to. Plan the audience and content of your podcasts later on. Increased brand visibility EJ Leads you would agree that the more spaces where your prospect. Is present, the better, right? So, if your persona enjoys podcasts, this could be a space where you can generate good visibility for your brand. In addition, good podcasts are also capable of bringing qualified organic traffic to your website. And this audience is definitely what you’re looking for! Create relationship with users you also already know that the 3.0 consumer is increasingly interested.

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