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Warketing content: website texts, blog articles and image alt texts. Search engines recognize the keywords you use among the text and help your customers find you. Optimize the content published on social media by using keywords in the text, alt texts of images and hashtags. Choose the keywords that describe your business, which your customers are most likely to use to search for you. 5 practical tips for search engine optimization: 1. Find out your keywords Search engine optimization starts with keyword analysis, i.e. finding

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 Phrases with which a potential customer makes a search in a search engine. What are the most common search terms used to search for your service? Add a personalized business lead element to these words or phrases that sets your company apart from the competition. 2. Add keywords to image names and alt texts Images not only serve as a visual element of a web page, but just like text, they serve as a search result. Name the

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Phrases and add alt texts so that search engines can find your images. 3. Link your website to your social media channels Today, most consumers start their search for information on social media. So make sure you are visible on the channels your  EJ Leads customers use! Also remember to add your website address to your company information so that your content reaches your target group. 4. Produce high-quality, search engine-optimized content Invest in the content of your website. High-quality, search engine-optimized content is

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