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Do you want to evolve your company, but don’t know how. So, find out here how to take the first step, through the teachings of the greatest marketing experts in the market. We know that, nowadays, thanks to the internet age, information. Is quickly shared at all times. Entrepreneurs, therefore, need to be very attentive to market innovations, which are not few. A study published by mlabs in 2020 pointed out that 68.2% of entrepreneurs actively. Participate in the decision-making process for purchasing their company’s digital products or services. That is, they need to be regularly updated about new online trends . So, for those who own a business, keeping up with the marketing sector , always. Bubbling with new ideas, can be a big challenge, whether online or offline .

With this theme in mind we’ve brought you  books

That will help you develop your brand’s. Potential, with revolutionary teachings that will make you “Get out of the. Box” and, likewise, immediately applicable to strengthen ventures of any size and particularities. Embark with us on this French Guiana Business Email List reading! 1. Guerrilla marketing – jay conrad levinson for our first. Book, we brought one of the works considered immortal in marketing . “ guerrilla marketing ”, a methodology conceived by jay. Conrad levinson, an author with extensive experience in advertising agencies, is marketing that is a little more aggressive, in a positive. Way, than common strategies. Such a technique received such an extravagant name because. It was inspired by the guerrillas of the vietnam war.

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These in turn achieved extraordinary results through

Their too cheap methods. The basis of this artifice is to create advertising on. The streets in a completely unconventional way. Therefore, the objective of guerrilla marketing is to apply highly creative. Strategies without spending almost anything to do so. Therefore, this is an essential work for any business owner or professional. In the field of marketing EJ Leads because , in addition to being of a methodology practiced by several notable organizations, it will always be. In high demand in the market, due to its great reach in the promotion of the brand. 2. The 10 deadly sins of marketing – philip kotler. Bearing in mind that, currently, 75% of new businesses and products that appear on the market fail, in. “ the 10 deadly sins of marketing ”, professor philip kotler, known as the “father of modern marketing”, presents us with a practical guide to.

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