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The brand persona embodies the values ​​of a brand and. Conveys a message full of stories and meanings in the quest to engage consumers who have values. ​​and beliefs similar to those of the brand. Therefore, to create a brand persona, you need a strategy. Shall we know more? Continue with us here. What is the brand persona? The brand persona is part of the brand content strategy . According to rock content, branded content. Is “ a quality content strategy that is related to the universe your organization is part of and is relevant to your target audience ”. A brand is much more than its look or its logo. Think about this: people tend to only buy products and services from brands they really believe in and identify with.

After all who wants to relate to someone or something

They don’t identify with, who doesn’t have a position or doesn’t convey credibility. It is important to emphasize that it is not the objective of the brand persona to take the consumer. From discovery to the purchase decision in the different stages of the funnel. Likewise, it does not aim to sell its products and services per se. Measuring your Cape Verde Business Email List results, for example, goes beyond traffic generated and google ranking. Therefore, a brand needs to really know who it is. At brand persona, we write and document a language guide with the tone of speech and the brand’s voice already defined, with. The brand’s own ways of speaking, slang, regionalisms and identification with visual language. Brand persona vs buyer persona. The structure for creating the characters of the brand persona and the buyer persona are similar.

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However the purpose of the brand persona is to

Engage and approximate the values ​​of consumers with their own brand values. When creating the brand persona, we write and document a language guide with a tone of speech and a. Brand voice already defined – not always just visuals or texts in the first person. It is a whole semantic construction that defines the. Brand’s own ways of EJ Leads speaking, slang, regionalisms and identification with its visual language. The buyer persona is a fictitious. Profile that represents the ideal brand buyer, where we set up a strategy with keyword mapping and search behavior that considers the different. Stages of the marketing funnel and traffic generation for blogs. The focus of the buyer persona character is to help the company.

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