How to get your brand’s voice right

Did you know that every brand communicates with its. Customers through a certain tone of voice? Among so many companies on the market, offering products and services in different areas of activity. The brand’s tone of voice has become important to generate a positive perception in the target audience . Also called brand voice, tone of voice is the way a. Brand talks and connects with its audience, showing who it is, its goals and intentions. Its personality, as well as how it wants to be seen by everyone. Do you want to know how to define the right tone of voice for your. Brand and thus maintain a loyal relationship with your customers? Keep reading this post until the end.

What is a brand’s tone of voice To better understand

What a brand’s tone of voice is, let’s explain it with a simple example. Let’s assume that a cosmetics company has a well-structured website, an active presence on. The main social networks, a lot of followers from its target audience, posts Uruguay Business Email List made frequently and good engagement. This same company decides to respond to its. Followers on social networks with slang, more informal language and a more masculine tone. Over time, the company begins to lose followers on. The networks and, consequently, has a reduction in engagement and even product sales.

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The company cannot understand what happened

What happened is that the company did not communicate. Properly with its audience and used a tone of voice that is not the brand’s profile, causing its customers to no longer identify themselves. And not trust it to maintain a follow-up and purchase EJ Leads relationship . This is a clear example of how important a brand’s tone. Of voice is, as it is the way it communicates with its customers. And this way of communicating needs to be aligned. With the objectives, with the mission, vision and values ​​of a company, in order to convey credibility and autonomy to a certain. Public and continue to maintain a loyal connection with it. How important is tone of voice? As we said, the tone of voice of a. Brand demonstrates its personality, and can be expressed in several ways.

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