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One of the biggest virtual phenomena of today. Whatsapp has caused a real revolution in the way we communicate. The tool already has more than 1.5 billion monthly users , 120 million of which in brazil alone . One of the most important rules of marketing is to be present wherever the customer is. And since virtually everyone has a whatsapp account, companies have not been left behind and have come to see the platform as a great channel for. Dissemination, relationship and sales, thus inaugurating a new marketing category, whatsapp marketing. In view of these facts, last year, whatsapp launched its business version for free, aimed exclusively at business use.

Want to know how to use whatsapp business in your

Strategy and achieve even better results. Just keep following our post! What is whatsapp business? It is a free app available for both android and ios that has the same look. And functionality as the beloved whatsapp. The difference is that the business version is aimed at commercial relationships. Thus allowing customer support and the Philippines Business Email List sending of important notifications in an automated way. Just like facebook, whatsapp started. As a space to promote interactions between users. But as expected, it soon became an interesting opportunity for companies. Today, with the app, you can: manage a business profile to display important information such as hours of operation, address. Email and a business website; have access to statistics, such as: view how many messages were sent, delivered and read; take. Advantage of messaging tools to quickly respond to customers, etc.

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Faced with so many possibilities using whatsapp

Business has become one of the most economical. And accessible ways to do digital marketing. Economical because the platform is free, and accessible, as the only necessary. Element is a cell phone with internet access. In brazil, 96% of smartphone users have whatsapp. So why not use this potential to conduct. Opinion polls, close sales EJ Leads and answer questions? Let’s find out how to use the tool the right way? Advantages of the tool we have already. Presented the tool and introduced some of its advantages. But it is clear that the benefits go beyond the points already raised. Follow below: use of tags you can organize conversations by categories using tagging to identify them.

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