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They continue to be one of the greatest powers in Digital Marketing. Believe me: the potential of an email list is enormous (not to mention growing) and the right actions can give incrible returns . To answer your questions about the effectiveness of emails, watch the video below: Does Sending Email Marketing Work? Generally us to send promotions, request sales, acquire business, among others, email marketing is the process of sending messages for commercial purposes to a group of people, in order to increase or nurture the closeness of the company’s relationship with its current customers. or future customers.

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Therefore, the first step is to create strategies to capture emails from your audience . Want to know more about how to make the most of this opportunity? Check out our material below! Material about Email Marketing Email marketing: the key to competitive advantage What are Social Networks and how do they work? If you are looking for a place that has influence , communication and dialogue to new data promote your brand, then social mia is a good option for you. This is because most of the time spent by Brazilian Internet users is on social networks , such as Facebook, Instagram , Twitter and even LinkIn.

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Social networks for companies: which one should I invest in? The potential of these channels is immense. After all, it opens doors for closer dialogues with your customers . But it’s not enough to know how to create strategies to capture an audience for these spaces. You also ne to have strategies to retain and engage them ! Material on Social Networks How to use social mia to build your company’s image What is Search Marketing – SEM and how does it work? Search Engine Marketing or Search Marketing is the segment of EJ Leads Digital Marketing that focuses on developing advertising strategies and formats through search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

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