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One of the biggest challenges for anyone. Working with seo is keeping up with google updates to its algorithm. Recently, there was a new update, the core update, and. It will require more attention from marketers if they want to have their pages well positioned in the search engine. Check out some of these updates in this text. Why is keeping up with updates important? Every day, thousands of pages are published on google, so the competition is brutal. But, how does their positioning occur within google? That’s what seo (search engine optimization) does. Which is a set of techniques that define the ranking of a page based on a keyword. Seo will define a series of criteria that will consider the placement of a page in each search.

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To last year’s information from internet live stats, more than 3.5 billion searches are performed daily. Through tracking, indexing and displaying results, the great oracle of modern times brings information with great agility and quality, placing Austria Phone Numbers List itself ahead of many other search engines, such as bing, yahoo, aol, and more recently. Which has just launched and is firmly committed to competing with the giant . For this to happen in an organized way and using. Almost 200 ranking factors, from time to time, google makes constant updates of criteria for its algorithm.

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This year alone there were several updates to the

Algorithm, but the most recent update, the core update. Will once again move the creation of content destined for google, which still needs to present eat (expertise, authority and credibility), with quality texts. Recent updates: page experience update and core update the google page experience went into effect this year, in june. The focus is on user EJ Leads experience and has established core web vitals , which are 3 new. Metrics: lcp (largest contentful paint): evaluates the delay in loading the page; fid (first input delay): evaluates the site’s. Response time; cls (cumulative layout shift): evaluates the visual stability of the page. Since june, other updates have come, such as the core update (june and july), which.

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