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Create web content Where to start to improve the positioning of my content and increase web views from Google? First of all, we must know what the optimization and layout work is prior to the publication of any post if we want Google to bring us more web visits. This increase will have a lot to do with the way we write web content, as well as having basic On-page SEO knowledge to apply to it. Traffic is a topic that we have discussed before … Although to seek new approaches and expand our knowledge on the subject,

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In this guest post we have the email contact list collaboration of Arturo Mendoza. He has prepared a guide for us in which he tells us how we can obtain more visits through a whole series of tips focused on optimizing web content so that it positions better on Google. How to create web content that increases your visits and boosts your traffic from Google? How to Create Web Content That Captivates Google? #WebTraffic Content is king, there is no doubt about that.

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Still, keep in mind that in order EJ Leads to create web content that produces “tons” of traffic and web visits, you need to know your market niche better than the back of your hand. You need to solve problems, that is, find or identify all those problems that concern your audience and help them solve them with your content. This way you will get quality followers , or as they also say, “true fans.” When you help a person with your web content, it is very likely that that person will help others with the same problem by sharing your content.

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