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Do you want to create a Digital Marketing agency? This is the reason for this post: to try to shed some light on that path and help you , as far as possible, to avoid taking false steps and wasting time looking for solutions to problems that I have already gone through. For this reason, on this occasion my friend Jaime López Chicheri, a professional with extensive experience in the world of entrepreneurship and Online Business, wanted to be in this guest article. He will be the one who will give you some of the advice that, based on his professional career, he has learned along the way to creating his own agency. 9 Tips to start and create a successfu

The entrepreneur

Digital Marketing agency 9 Tips to Start top people data and Create a Successful Digital Marketing Agency Sharing knowledge with others is something that, sooner or later, always brings positive things back to you, even if it is just the satisfaction of having done something good for others. And in the digital environment, this is a maxim that is fulfilled 100% of the time, never forget it. Therefore, and based on the experience accumulated with my partner Juan Merodio over the last 10 years, I am going to tell you our 9 useful tips so that you can start drawing your dream of creating a digital agency. These tips are some of those that make up our method,

Starting a business

The one we teach at “” Go for it! 1. Life habits for the entrepreneur Before starting to work on the keys and external EJ Leads. resources that can help you have your Digital Marketing agency or any other type of business, the first thing you should do is start modifying your lifestyle habits. Because for the entrepreneur there are no fixed hours or a defined border between work days and leisure days. You will have to devote a large part of your potentially productive time to building your company and fighting to gain a foothold in the market

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