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Your best way to stand out from your competitors. So plan the content of the website carefully. For example, you can give tips, write product introductions or publish “behind the scenes” material on the site’s blog. Remember that search engines find content of at least 500 words better than short texts! 5. Place the most important keywords in the content of your web pages Just like with images, it is also important to include suitable keywords in the text. Longer content serves this purpose well and you can naturally add keyword

Phrases to the text

Without the text seeming clunky. Build the content around 1-2 keywords, but vary their layout. Place keywords especially in headings and subheadings, but also in other content. Smoothly offers all the necessary business database parts of content production in the same service with a transparent monthly fee, so you can save time, money and energy in marketing. Get to know our service . Here you can read examples of tasks and content that you can delegate to Smoothly’s content creators. Frequently asked questions . Here you’ll find

Comprehensive answers

Suitable image available for all purposes, and in that case the image banks found on the Internet help. the images in the photos are freely available and editable. The images are suitable, for example, for illustrating a digital service or a certain  EJ Leads feeling. Free image banks include Unsplash, Pexels and Pixabay, the latter two of which also have videos. If the need for images and videos is greater, you should turn to the paid versions and use Shutterstock, for example. Build your content marketing toolkit with free marketing tools. Image editing and graphic design It is important that the published images are in line with the company’s

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