Data Protection Law 2018 Is your website

As a digital marketer, what do I need to know about this new data protection law? We must keep in mind that in general this is a regulation that expands the previous law and that mainly affects aspects such as new responsibilities and measures to be implemented that are legally required to comply. Of course, for this we need a professional from the sector, which is why today we have in this guest post a specialist in the field such as Marina Brocca. It is complex and valuable content, but I am sure that with the guide

Data protection law

That Marina has written it will be job function email list much easier for you to understand. Will your website survive the new data protection law “LOPD 2018”? You’re probably wondering what a girl like me, specialized in data protection law, is doing in a place like this. To which I respond: Good question! The reason for being here today is none other than to explain what is coming to you.If you have a blog or a website on data protection law, because it is no small feat.

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This is the deadline you have for your legal  digital reconversion. By this date you must have EJ Leads already made the transition. Therefore, don’t leave it to the last minute and start as soon as possible. May 2018 will mark a before and after in the way of managing the information of others, and that is why you should read this post and memorize it (if possible), because it will largely determine the future of many professionals who live off our website and our audience. I know that legal issues

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