What does an advertising copywriter do Come find out!

Have you ever received notifications from. The globoplay app and were curious to know who wrote it? My name is juliana vasconcellos, I’m part of the team of editors at vx and I came. To tell you a little about our journey serving globoplay, especially during the period when bbb21 took place. Vx’s team of copywriters. And I are responsible for ‘killing in the chest’ the demands that arrive from texts for landing pages , pushes , e-mail marketing. Dark posts, google ads, facebook and instagram ads. Have you ever heard of all these formats? Come find out a little. More! Landing pages landing pages are lead capture pages (potential customers), where, through relevant content. You make your brand noticed by your audience.

They can serve for acquisition or engagement and be in

Different formats, from an e-book to a game to. Inform the launch of a soap opera. As an example, the landing page created for globoplay, in order for the user to choose what. Type of notification he wants to receive about the bbb21, you can check the lp here. Pushes push notifications are messages sent. By apps or websites that appear on your main Barbados Business Email List screen, most often on mobile but also on desktop. These pushes serve to attract clicks. And engagement with the website or app. E-mail marketing email marketing is one of the most traditional ways of talking to. Customers, through which your company’s campaigns and communications are sent by email. Dark posts dark posts are sponsored posts. In facebook ad campaigns that reach a previously defined audience , not appearing in the brand’s feed.

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Google ads this is google’s main advertising service

Through google ads, we create search and. Display ads on youtube, gmail and play store. About my role writing content for globoplay has been incredible, because, in addition. To being a writer, I’m a fan of bbb, a real soap opera and, in my spare time, a series marathon runner. In the creative process of producing. The texts, research is the main EJ Leads step and, at the bbb, for example, when you watch it, it is more pleasant to give the special tone. Of that sneak peek that only a bbb lover knows! I had the opportunity to write about the telenovela amor de mãe (miss you, dona lourdes!), o clone, cabocla, saia justa… just programming that I follow and love! Want something better than that. When we see the posts on warm in our.

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