Email automation how and why to set your email marketing

On this occasion, I want to recommend the tool that I myself have been using for my email marketing campaigns for some time, it is Doppler . So, who better than María Díaz (Doppler country manager in Spain) to tell us first-hand how and why to automate our business’s mailing campaigns. I leave you now with her and with this wonderful post she has written. Email Automation: What is it and how to maximize its results? If you dedicate yourself to Marketing,

RSS Automation

You are probably one of those email leads who desperately look for a little time to carry out all the actions that the day to day demands and who cannot manage to finish completing them. Is this your case? Don’t worry; Fortunately, there are solutions, such as automated Email, that allow you to significantly optimize results and save time, resources and efforts. If you are looking to scale your business and move to another level of billing, email automation will be a key piece of your strategy. Before you get scared, it is important that you

Automation by Date

Know that this is not a difficult EJ Leads task to implement because there are tools that allow you to configure automated “flows” in a very simple and economical way. With Doppler, for example, you can do it even with your free account. So go ahead and don’t miss this article to discover what Email Automation is, what its benefits are and how you can implement an effective strategy to boost the performance of your Campaigns. What is Email Automation or Automated Emails? It is a Campaign or a series of shipments

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