The best digital marketing strategies for the end of the year

Another year coming to an end, with many successful. Jobs that we, at vx, produce! And how good it is to remember everything that went through and have stories to tell, right? To end this. Year “in that way” and looking forward to the new year to come, we have prepared a respectful “vxzera” retrospective for you to. Check out! Come with us to see everything that happened in 2021! Landing pages one thing we are experts at doing are the famous. Landing pages! And in 2021 it couldn’t be any different. There was no lack of creativity and dedication from our development team. When it came to creating the best lps to generate engagement with our audience. Just take a look: globoplay international – europe. And canada expansion in addition to being globoplay’s longtime partners, we are die-hard fans of the content we produce. Therefore, For it and landing pages have a special place in our hearts.

We have already produced many lps with different objectives

Therefore, Such as package subscriptions and the. Dissemination of new content, among others. Now, the platform has expanded to europe and canada and, within this concept of expansion. We have created a campaign called “come ai”, to warn that globoplay was about to arrive in these places. With that, we made an lp to present the product to those who already Haiti Business Email List know it and those who don’t, sharpening their interest in subscribing to the streaming. Service, capturing new leads. Check out the globoplay expansion landing page here . International globe for this client, we created. Personalized landing pages, with the aim of being a showcase for globo products (soap operas, series, etc.) for international broadcasters and distributors.

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The lps were customized according to different countries

Therefore, Such as russia, france and the usa, or specific products. Therefore, Thus gaining market and recognition in these places. Some of these lps: international globe | lp russia globe | lp france :offering the. Best in thermal products to its customers and, in 2021 , the brand launched massima rolha, a thermos with a stopper that brings. All the versatility and practicality EJ Leads to everyday life, with modern design and colors in line with the latest trends. Therefore, Since its launch – in the month of july – until today, we have had more than 3,000 hits on the page! Just take a look here to see how the lp turned out! Stanley: line bar. Linha bar is stanley ‘s flagship product , which is why we created a reformulated, organized and more dynamic page.

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