How to use the instagram stories link in favor of your brand

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in. The world and has grown the most in recent years, being the favorite of many who use it. Currently around 500 million users access. The platform per day, according to a survey by the flyon blog . With all this number of users, the social network ends up being. Widely used by brands and companies that aim to attract their consumers. Over time, new tools have been implemented on. The social network aimed at the interactive dissemination of content, which is seen as a great opportunity for brands to do business. One of them is the famous instagram stories, widely used by the vast majority of users of the platform, which are photos and. Videos that are available to be viewed for 24 hours and then disappear.

In addition to this function that instagram made

Available a few years ago, it is also possible to insert. Links in stories that direct to external websites. Did you know that? Want to know how it works and how you can insert this strategy. Into your brand? Continue reading this post! How to insert Armenia Business Email List link in instagram stories the link in instagram stories basically. Works as a possibility to insert call-to-actions (ctas) in content, which is nothing more than making a call to action, directing the target. Audience to do something specific. This functionality, however, is not yet available for all accounts on the platform. For a profile to be entitled to add links in stories, there are two fundamental prerequisites that the platform requires: – have a verified. Account; – have an account with more than 10,000 followers.

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The first option is only possible if the instagram

Profile is of a public figure, celebrity or famous brand. If your company does not belong to any of these areas, then the second option is the most viable one, which is to have a. Profile with more than 10,000 followers. Nowadays, it is possible to quickly get that amount of followers by doing inbound. Marketing work with dedication to producing EJ Leads content on the platform, which is what drives this social network and attracts its users. To use and follow profiles of their interests. How to have a verified account if your company belongs to a large brand or public. Figure, you can request the verification seal directly on the platform itself. The seal of authenticity is a blue icon that is positioned. Next to the profile picture and means that instagram has analyzed  for that account.

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