Find out  mistakes you are making that make you have fewer customers even with good engagement

Even with a good engagement rate, your brand is. Failing to convert leads into customers and sales. Want to know why this happens? Discover 5 mistakes you may be making. Without even realizing it and learn what to do in this scenario. Follow the text. Digital transformation brought new needs to. Companies if before the focus of companies was just to get new customers, in an active and traditional way, it is possible to. Say that, with the digital transformation, accelerated by the pandemic caused by covid-19, brands had to divide their attention into different objectives.

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Increasing sales still remains the soul of business. After all, it takes profit for the company to keep running. However, for this to happen, it is necessary to bear in mind that this should not be the only concern. You need to be aware of what Indian Phone Number List consumers want and need. According to r/ga’s “The power of brand relationship. Design” study, 92% of consumers said they would like to have personalized communications about things that are important to. Them, beyond mere product communications. Strengthening the brand’s engagement with its consumers, or potential clients. Is essential to increase the conversion rate into sales and build customer loyalty.

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Must be focused on the pain of the persona . Much more than likes or followers, the so-called vanity metrics, it is necessary to truly interact with that follower and make room for new content. Such as email marketing, blog content, rich materials such as e-books and infographics, among others examples. This makes the company better understand who EJ Leads its target audience is, its persona and what it needs, further strengthening. Relationships and making the sales process much easier and more assertive, since the stages of the sales funnel sales are respected. With this, customers can become true fans of the brand, who see the company as much more than just a commercial process. But rather an organization they can count on to solve problems, always resortingproduct. Or service.

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