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 In other words: they are a perfect guide for making strategic decisions. Tip: The 5 main mistakes in marketing actions Tips to avoid them Although anyone can monitor the metrics, it is important to rely on a specializ company that has the specific knowlge to determine the correct measurements to generate insights and results. This is because many of them are irrelevant to the real objectives and only show appearances, such as the number of followers or likes. Do you want the help of a specializ company to help you monitor your metrics and show you what each one of them means? Request a quote now! At Orgânica Digital, we have cases from companies from different sectors, which show our effectiveness in monitoring metrics.

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 With this metric, you can know whether the money invest in campaigns was well us and receive insights to identify when it is interesting to increase investment , further improving the result. Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) The CAC establishes a relationship between Digital Marketing spending and the number of customers . In other words, it measures the cost that each new customer represents for the company, showing whether the campaigns are worth the efforts. This includes all expenses appli to promotion strategies, from amounts invest in Latest database marketing to sales team salaries. To calculate the CAC, you must separate the desir period and evaluate the difference between these values ​​and the number of accounts that appear in the given period of time.

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 Want an example of how to ruce your acquisition cost? Discover the solutions we use for Confraria Famiglia Valduga here! Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) MRR allows you to visualize your company’s growth in terms of revenue bas on monthly billing. This means that advance payments may be adjust to assess a growth trend for the year. To do this, simply divide them by 12. However, cash payments, accountant expenses and discounts must be exclud. Include crit transaction and billing fees. Cost Per EJ Leads Acquisition (CPA) The CPA is responsible for lead generation . This is the sum of expenses and contacts acquir within a period of time.

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