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There is considerable evidence that HR still has credibility issues and is not legitimately impacting strategy.” The sentence, a little harsh, is part of an article in 2013 by a large global consultancy, whose title calls attention for its audacity: Human resources as leader of organizational innovation: a unique opportunity! Get out of the perception of an innocuous area with no value to the organizational strategy to be the driver of a culture of innovation and daring! That is the provocation here. It is a drastic change, but what we have seen is that many HRs do not consider this a change, as they believe that they already do, that is, that they provide space and foster processes that support a culture of innovation within organizations. Unfortunately, research does not confirm this.

There is a huge opportunity to change

This story. Instead of continuing to chase generic models and best practices, in the hope that this will enable us to meet the demands of our stakeholders, we can leverage what we already have in terms of responsibilities and configure Canada Business Email List our processes to have “good” (not “better”) ) practices that give us an approach to innovate and, consequently, contaminate the organization with the “uncontrollable” desire to do more, and differently, to improve the way we live together and have real conditions to generate greater value for the business, impacting measurable form the organizational strategy. The most interesting thing is that we have the conditions to “dare”: the processes that are already under our responsibility.

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Performance management can be a

Fantastic instrument to generate a culture of innovation by ensuring that in the processes of establishing objectives and evaluating performance, the theme of innovation is duly , and in such a way that it will be  by all levels of the organization. The same applies to remuneration, as a form of tangible  recognition of the level of contribution of an individual or group to the achievement of the strategy. Another EJ Leads opportunity is in the organizational structure and design process, as we have the chance to facilitate the exchange of experiences by designing a fluid structure where ideas, impact and results are  which we already operate and which give us a unique opportunity to be the “owners” of the innovation agenda, transforming ourselves into critical agents and truly strategic partners for achieving results.

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