How Tiktok Is Becoming the Go-To Tool for Younger Audiences

TikTok is a very popular social network, especially among younger audiences. The app currently has 775 million active users and 3 billion downloads . With its short videos on various subjects, including the famous choreographies of dances, today TikTok is the third most widespread social network in the world. As an application with simpler and more direct content, TikTok has especially those born in the 2000s – Generation Z. And what is is that this public’s preference for the social network has made its use more frequent as well search. That is, instead of going to Google to search for something, young people go to TikTok.

But why is this happening Will Google cease to be the dominant

Search engine? Keep reading this text until the end to better understand this trend! Why do Gen Z prefer searching on TikTok instead of using Google? The preference for more authentic and genuine content is what has young people to TikTok. Gen-Z values ​​this app’s language for discovering and learning things, as their short videos feature real people synthesizing and providing information, rather than long explanatory texts. A few Latvia Business Email List seconds video is able to show the experience of being in a place or doing something. As a result, around 40% of this younger audience does not go to Google when they want to search for something . Gen-Z, to watching more and reading less, turns to TikTok as they find it easier and more practical to search on that network.

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Google to this Gen Z trend? This rise of TikTok as a search engine is part of a broader transformation in digital search . While Google remains the world’s dominant search engine, people are turning to other types of search engines as well, such as Amazon (to search for products), Instagram (to catch up on current trends), and Twitter. (to keep up with world news). It is clear that Google has already that its territory is EJ Leads being  and did not keep its hands , forcing a competitor to face TikTok: Shorts , from YouTube. And, in response, Google also its search results for images and videos and, in this way, the tool can show videos of the competitor itself on its first page of searches when information is there. The behavior of younger consumers  to be taken into account by companies when developing more efficient marketing strategies for this audience.

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