Digital influencers how to choose the best for your brand

Influencer marketing is being increasingly used by. Brands to publicize their products and/or services. The expression digital influencer has never been used as much as it is. Today and refers to social media influencers . Influencers are generally youtubers , who from their channels gain national visibility. And thousands of followers with each video. So, choosing someone from the team of the biggest youtubers in brazil is not an easy task. In addition to obvious issues such as high fees, your brand needs to select the one that best suits your target audience and. Generates the necessary purchase appeal to generate conversions.

Understand how to leverage your business

Using digital influencers, stay tuned for the tips in this article. Identify your buyer persona one of the main questions when it comes to sales is: who am I going to sell to? Knowing your. Ideal customer is the key to success for any business. By defining Mali Business Email List your persona , you will develop a strategy aimed at her. “what are your buying habits?” “What do you like to do in your free time?” “what means of transport do you use. The more information you have, the more complete your persona will be, and the more accurate your approach will be. How to define the social networks used. What’s your product? Where is your audience.

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What social media does your brand use

What’s the return on that? Is your product more focused on image or video. These and other questions are essential when it comes to defining the best channel for your content marketing action . And from there, choose a digital influencer or digital influencers for that medium. Is channel data consistent? Having defined the. Channel or channels to EJ Leads be used in the action, it’s time to move on to the second step: what is the number of followers of the page on. Facebook, youtube and instagram? “what is the average views per video and average engagement on posts. Based on these metrics, you will be able to put  marketing.

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