Business intelligence know what it is and if it makes sense for your strategy

We live today in the age of technology and information. We are bombarded daily by the most diverse news. Data permeates our reality and we need to know how to deal with it every day. For companies, data are essential tools to guide decision-making in any area. But it’s not enough to have a lot of data. And not know how to use it in your favor. It is necessary to interpret and understand them to draw insights from them and transform. Them into something really valuable. For this, there is the business intelligence tool, the famous bi. Bi is being increasingly used by organizations. Due to the return it brings in analyzing corporate data and identifying improvements to be made.

Despite already being widespread within companies

Bi is a recent resource; therefore, in this post we will explain what it is, how important it is in data analysis, its role in a business and, above all, how to use it in digital marketing strategies . Take your doubts about it by reading this text until the end! After all, what is business intelligence, the famous bi? Business intelligence can be understood Costa Rica Business Email List as a set of processes with the aim of collecting data and transforming them into valuable information to assist in decision-making, generating opportunities for action. In other words, it brings “ intelligence ” to companies. Bi makes it possible to create reports with more precision, optimizing strategies and reducing the occurrence of possible errors.

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Bi acts with the objective of extracting relevant information

That generates value to the business, bringing greater. Speed and assertiveness in decision-making, and is currently recognized as one of the most important sectors of organizations. This is because, in the face of an increasingly competitive and unpredictable market, information can be considered. The most valuable item for companies. What is the importance EJ Leads of bi in organizations? Companies that use bi are always one step ahead of those that don’t. The insights that can be obtained from its use guide companies in their actions, both in brand. Positioning or launching a new product on the market, as well as in content marketing and publications on social networks , for example. Another benefit that bi brings is a greater return on investment (roi), betting on accurate strategies.

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