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Has not manag to give conclusive answers to anything (or, well, to almost nothing ), which, of course, does not offer testimony to the ineptitude of its practitioners, but rather raises the suspicion that perhaps they are not taking the safest path: it could happen that the presumption about their nature is illegitimate , and, in the end, philosophy is not essentially about giving answers, but about showing that the questions pos within it may not point in any direction and may not even make sense. The latter, precisely, was the path that a philosopher follow when addressing the problem of philosophy and its relationship with language, almost a hundr years ago.

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His name was Ludwig Wittgenstein. He was born in Vienna in 1889 and belong to one of the richest families of the Habsburg empire, which collaps at the end of the First World War. Ludwig was the youngest of the children of Karl Wittgenstein, a steel magnate, and Leopoldine Kalmus, an art lover and accomplish business lead piano player. Upon receiving his share of his paternal inheritance, he gave it all away, distributing it among his brothers and contributing to the support of some talent artists of his time. He fought in both world wars of the 20th century.

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In 1918, he fought as a private soldier in the armies of the. Not only  Austro-Hungarian Empire; In 1939, on the occasion of the second. Not only his request to go to the front was reject due to physical impiments, but he serv as an assistant nurse in an English field hospital, since at that time EJ Leads he had acquir that nationality. In this way, it was up to him to be a very close witness of the brutality with which the infatuat Western civilization sought to cement its opiate path to progress. Shortly before the publication of his first great work, the Tractatus logico-philosophicus ,

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