Native ads what are they and how to get good results

Campaign that includes native ads is an excellent. Way to attract more clicks, increase engagement and increase user retention on social networks, on the blog or on the corporate website . This is because this strategy, also known as native advertising or native advertising, involves creating and offering content. That mixes advertising with texts, videos and editorial photos. Native ads can also be found in the offline environment , as well as in. Magazines, newspapers and other media that allow information to be with advertising. The great advantage of native ads content. Is the possibility of incorporating it into websites or blogs as if they were news in the sidebar or at the bottom of the pages.

This practice generates a more pleasant and attractive

Experience, providing greater user involvement. Want to know more about the importance of this strategy? Keep reading! Difference between native ads and display ads. First, it’s critical to distinguish native ads from display ads — those Mauritius Business Email List popular display ads, like banners, that appear on websites or blogs. The first group can help promote your content to individuals who are unfamiliar with your service or product or haven’t your brand. After all, native advertising is to increase traffic and spread your company’s materials on pages that your persona frequents.

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It tends to be more natural that is less invasive

Blending more easily with the materials and. Contents  by these media. The so-display ads are normally  when browsing pages or showing advertisements. Native ads research by ipg & sharthrough  important advantages of native ads over regular banner ads. In it, 4,770 consumers were  and, using eye tracking technology, the attention given to ads by a group of 200 users was. The study found EJ Leads that: customers native ads 52% more often than display ads; native ads saw an 18% increase. In purchase intent and a 9% increase in brand affinity responses versus banner ads of respondents said they would share a. Native ad with a friend or family member, with only 19% saying  as editorial content.

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