Google web stories understand what google’s novelty means

Following the trend of increasingly dynamic and. Humanized content, google launched google web stories (or amp stories), a tool very similar to what we know on the social. Network instagram, which was created in 2016. Basically, it is quick and easy information for the user to consume, living up to. The objective of the novelty, which is to improve the user experience when consuming digital content. The big difference between instagram stories and. Google web stories is that, in the second case, it is possible to create stories that last “forever”, in addition to being able to add. Links and be a good way to increase the indexing rate of your website on the internet.

Google With a carousel-style format web

Stories appear more frequently for those using google through mobile devices. However, they are also available for desktop, both in conventional search, as well as in google images and google discover. We’ve already commented here how videos Malaysia Phone Number List are an excellent way to captivate and engage the public. According to data provided by google, there are already around 100,000 new stories published daily and more than 6,500 domains using the tool . That is, this is just another proof of how important it is to be aware of the news, so that your brand continues. To stand out more and more, in the midst of such a competitive market.

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How to browse web stories If you are interested and

Want to know how to access and use google’s web. Stories, check out the step by step: navigate between pages to advance: tap on the right side of the screen; to go back: tap on the left side of the screen. Pause story tap anywhere on the screen EJ Leads and hold it. Switch between stories to access the next page. Swipe left; to go to the previous page: swipe right. Share story at the bottom, tap ‘share”. Check out best practices for using web stories. If you were curious about the new feature and want to know how to use it, check out some good practice tips given by google.

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