Instagram stories features that can help with your strategy

Instagram the stories function. And is no longer just a virtual photo album. Since then, several features have been and today there are more than 500 million active users per day, just in stories. With so many users and possibilities for stories, you can use them to generate good results for your brand. Want to know how? Just keep following this post! What are stories and why use them? Stories arrived to improve interactions between users. Its formats can be the most : photos, texts or videos and are valid for 24 hours on air. Its temporary nature reduces the. To publish only extremely relevant content, thus transforming the experience into something more informal.

These interactive formats have been well-

By users and many brands have taken notice. Data from the platform itself confirms that about a third of the most viewed stories on instagram are published by companies and stores. Content formats as we mentioned earlier, there are several Malaysia Business Email List ways to create content in stories, here in this post we will focus on the features most used by the commercial environment: text used for written content. In this category of stories, there are 3 styles of texts. Modern, strong, neon and typewriter and it is possible to choose the colors of the background and the letters. This format is ideal for making newsletters. Live live broadcasts can be good for covering events, interviewing key people in your area of. ​​expertise or even having a kind of chat to clear up doubts.

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A big advantage is that every time a live starts

Instagram sends a notification notifying you of its beginning. During the broadcast, your followers can make comments and after it ends, it can be into a story. The lives are a great opportunity to listen to your users and show a flexible EJ Leads and human identity of your brand. Boomerang allows the creation of short looping videos, in the style of gifs. The function is great for making your content more lively and dynamic. Superzoom superzoom is a resource that allows the creation of videos with more humorous and interactive characteristics. It has several themes that can be used by your brand in a cool way. Free hands it’s a  videos without having.

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