How to configure Remarketing Lists in Google Analytics

Discover how to create custom audiences in Google Analytics to use them in your Remarketing campaigns in Adwords. Ains I do remember, well I wasn’t laughing at that. He was young. Much more than now and without finishing studying, he already had clients in the city who called me “to fix his computer . ” You see. I had a lot of fun when the client said “I don’t understand why I get so many dirty things everywhere, my wife doesn’t . ” Ha ha ha. I, to reassure him a little (rather hesitantly), told him: “those things come out due to an association of the IPs when there is a history of browsing pages of fun adult games. The thing is that they don’t have it very refined yet and they may confuse your history with that of your neighbor.

What is Remarketing?

Since then things have evolved a lot but, basically, in its essence, it remains the same: [piopialo vcboxed=»1″]Remarketing: impact with ads people who category email list have shown a previous interest in your product.[/piopialo] That’s it, as simple as that. It’s like when you go to Amazon to see a book and then that book follows you wherever you go , on Facebook, on blogs, on the subway (there’s not long left for this)… The funny thing is when that book is called “I know what you’re doing.” thinking”. That’s really a fine line… Has it ever happened to you? For sure yes!

When should I consider creating Remarketing lists?

Wow, what a good question. Ains, if that’s between you and my neighbor who has just asked her “boyfriend I guess”, shouting from the terrace: “Peeeeepeeeeeee, touch my EJ Leads beige panties to see if they’re still wet”.. Today is the day of hot questions ! ! Hahaha . Hey, I’m sure it’s a clothesline issue, but it’s just so gross sometimes… Anyway. Let’s continue, okay? The answer to the question is very simple: from the beginning. Who knows when you might want to run a remarketing campaign?

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