What is a buyer’s journey and how to create it

Do you know the path your customer takes to buy. Your product or service? If the answer is “no”, you could be wasting a lot of money in places where your potential buyer is not present. And that’s scary, don’t you think? The buyer’s journey (or from english, “buyer’s journey”) helps you understand the entire trajectory. That the buyer takes until the decision to purchase the product or service. Knowing these steps is crucial for the marketing strategy. Which can direct the prospect to move forward in the purchase journey while funneling them down the sales funnel.

Some sources divide it into  stages awareness knowledge

Consideration (consideration) and decision (decision). But here, let’s focus on a segmentation with 4 stages, these are: a) learning or discovery; b) recognition of the problem; c) consideration. Of the solution; and d) purchase decision. To learn how to make your digital marketing strategy more effective and accurate, follow. This article and Tunisia Business Email List learn how to create your target audience ‘s buying journey . Shopping day buyer’s journey: what is it. The purchase journey is the path a customer takes to purchase your product or service. This definition may seem a little vague, but let’s. Think about it: to make any acquisition, the potential buyer goes through a path with several steps.

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First he needs to feel that he needs a particular

Product or service to satisfy a need or want, then he. Recognizes this problem, researches it, evaluates it, considers it, and then finally buys it. It is on this path that marketing work, especially. Digital marketing, can make the prospect become a customer, presenting the solution to their problem! Why create a buyer’s journey. You may be wondering EJ Leads how knowing this path can help your business, right? Having a well-defined buying journey for. Your persona makes all the difference for your digital marketing work, as it allows you to work more oriented towards your. Ideal client’s pains, problems and questions! Thus, knowing the  that it advances.

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