How to Hire a Marketing Manager

It also analyzes the importance of digital purchasing Phone Number List or concern for sustainability. And also detects opportunities to improve the connection of fashion brands with new generations. The report, based on interviews with 360 young Spanish people between the ages of 13 and 25 . Also includes the conclusions drawn from the interviews held with experts in the field. Pepa Bueno , executive director of ACME; Gema Gómez . Executive director and founder of Slow Fashion Next, or Coro Saldaña. Expert in digital management of retail and fashion companies are some of them.

The World of Fashion It Generates

But in the world of fashion it generates a lot of tension for us, due to lack of money, wanting email contact list to fit in, impulsiveness. Conclusions  from the Zetalab Global and Mazinn study These are the main conclusions of the study Spanish Generation Z. Fashion in a ‘physical ‘ world: 1. Preference for physical purchases According to the channel. 41% of young people between 15 and 25 years old prefer to buy clothes in a physical store (while only 11% are inclined to buy online).

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Despite Being the First Generation of "Digital Natives"

In-store experience gives them certain advantages . In fact, this generation does not have EJ Leads a clear attachment or preference for any channel. But rather the shopping experience is developed “omnichannel”, varying greatly between physical and digital touch. Points depending on the type of garment and the moment. The campaign against gender violence of the Xunta de Galicia receives the dubious honor of the Worst Ad of the Year Award for 2022. 

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