How to improve the alignment of online and offline marketing strategies

We live in a time when digital media are preferred by. Many users, in addition to being an excellent opportunity. For brands to carry out advertising and public relations strategies. At the same time, traditional media such as radio and television stations and printed newspapers still have a lot of strength, especially among some specific audiences. Within this context, the contemporary marketing professional asks himself: how to improve. The alignment of online and offline marketing strategies. That’s what we’ll talk about in today’s post. Come with us and understand how it is possible to work seamlessly with all types of media.

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Jenkins in the book “ convergence culture ”, the term transmedia. Gives name to contents made separately for each. Medium, but complementing each other. It is essential, therefore, to create content. That communicates with each other, for digital and traditional media, using jenkins’ concept. Click to tweet one of the examples of this is merchandising actions on television, which can promote a hashtag so that users can boost or obtain more Papua New Guinea Business Email List information about. The brand on social networks such as facebook or instagram. Another way used to integrate media. Is augmented reality, such as the qr code . Thus, in a folder, flyer or printed information, a small barcode is strategically placed. That, when read by a smartphone, directs the reader to digital content such as a video on the brand’s. Youtube channel, a page on social networks , a landing page , a website , etc.

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Adapt the language of each type of media a very important. Point to be developed in the messages created in the. Online and offline media is the language. It is necessary to understand that narratives have different objectives and audiences. In each type of media, which requires special attention when writing texts. On social media, lighter, fun EJ Leads and less formal language. Can be used with current slang and memes, if your brand allows it. In traditional media, however, this type of language is. Less common, and a more serious, yet practical and easy-to-understand discourse is recommended. Despite this, respecting the standards of each type of media, language in accordance with the basic precepts of the organizational culture. Must be respected,  planning.

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