Image Strategy for the 2019 Italian Elections

Image strategy for the 2019 italian elections political.  Communication, elections entrust the mia . With an image studi down to the smallest detail . Today’s article is inspir by a question we ask ourselves which.  Concerns the image of a political candidate. The 2019 italian elections are approaching with several events: the european.  Regional and municipal elections await us! We will see new faces, we will hear many voices.  Many slogans, on social networks, on television, in newspapers. What role does the image of the political candidate have in all this? Is it something to be studi in detail or is it secondary to the complexity.  Of the electoral programme, political communication.  And the choice of channels for disseminating the electoral message? 

The power of non-verbal language

We think that in politics nothing should be left.  To chance and that the study of the image is an integral part . Of the political marketing strategy , because it too speaks of the . Politician and the person! The power of non-verbal language . In general, nonverbal language communicates special data a lot about each person. It is decod differently by the various interlocutors, who use their.  Imagination to extrapolate a message, an idea. The tone of voice, . The look of a person, the facial expressions, the body language, make . You imagine the type of person in front of you, how he thinks, how he faces life, what ideas he has. It’s a bit like what we do in real everyday life 

The image under the lens of the media

With those we meet who we know little about. It’s a way to reconstruct a story of which we don’t have all the details. This is what we do when fac with every new politician.  And this is what we will do with the candidates in the 2019 italian elections. The image under the lens of the mia today more than . Ever, in an era of mia EJ Leads overexposure, where we should talk about a . Microscope rather than a magnifying glass, it is important that a.  Politician “Constructs” the right image to give to the mia, the one that best represents him. It is also advisable to establish in.  Advance how to present yourself to the mia and voters: what language to use, what tone of 

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