Impact communication and persuasion the 3 elements of Dave Trott’s

« Common sense is not very well considered ; in fact, it is often despised. Common sense is out of fashion. Who needs it when we have more technology than we can keep up with »: this is how the English creative Dave Trott. Known for his scathing criticism of the advertising world, begins his column. In the last of them. He reflects on the idea of ​​common sense, of which he says that “one could think that common sense is the basic foundation of any work. As well as of politics. And in relation to this, he points out his opinion on how the basic needs of life are (or should be) covered .

Maslow's Pyramid as a reference

Like any pyramid, ” it starts at the base category email list and is built upwards stage by stage ,” he states, adding that “you cannot start with the next stage until the previous one has been built correctly.” «Maslow’s pyramid is the different stages necessary for human life. The first stage is food : no one can live without food. When you have food. You can start with the next stage: housing . You have to have these two stages before you can move on to the third: security. He explains. In this way, when these needs are met, individuals can move on to the “next stage. Made up of those “things that make life enjoyable”, such as relationships, fulfillment and, finally, fulfillment .

Maslow's Pyramid in the advertising sector

But this idea can’t only be applied to EJ Leads politics. “Let’s move this idea to advertising agencies ,” proposes Dave Trott. Instead of being based on essential needs, the first level of the advertising pyramid would be impact : if our ad is invisible, it has no chance of doing anything. The next level, he continues, would be communication : if no one understands our ad, how can it work? Finally, the pyramid would end persuasion . Once this idea is expressed, Dave Trott explains that if we do not build the first level (impact), the rest of the process is worthless . «Each of us sees 1,000 advertising messages a day, 89% are not perceived or remembered. So we have a 9 out of 10 chance of being ignored . That is why the first level is crucial », he points out.

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