Persona how to create and why is it important for marketing

For a person to understand us, we need to speak in a. Language that he understands, right? With words you’re used to, right? It is in the construction of this path of “using the language” with. Whom one wants to dialogue that the creation of the brand persona makes all the difference. It is through it that we can assemble. The portrait of our ideal consumer, with their main characteristics. Still, you don’t know how important it is to have a well-defined persona. For your business? If you want to better understand this issue and learn how to create one or more personas to correctly guide. Your marketing actions , follow this post and we will help you with this challenge! Persona x target audience what is persona. This question is easier than it looks! The persona is the fictional representation of your ideal customer.

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That defining the target audience ?”. And we answer: no! Come with us to understand better. The persona is based on real data about your customer’s demographics and behavior. Here, personal stories are created, as well as goals, hobbies, challenges, motivations and even concerns. With a good persona, you can identify common Tanzania Business Email List characteristics of your potential customers. What is the difference between persona and target audience. Now you may be wondering about the difference between persona and target audience, come and understand better with us. It is important to know that target audience and persona are not synonymous.

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Demographic and socio-economic characteristics. In common for a group of people. While the persona assembles a portrait of a person who is within that audience. This portrait shows important details of that person’s personality. Check out the example below that will make it even easier to understand. Example of target audience what is the EJ Leads difference between buyer persona and brand persona? Now that you better understand what a persona is. Have you ever heard of buyer and brand persona? It is important that we understand this difference before we continue. Buyer persona as we mentioned earlier, of the ideal customer.

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