Why can content re-optimization improve your results

If you work with content creation , you certainly. Know how time-consuming this work is. It is necessary to raise the subjects of the moment, being careful not to repeat existing ones, do. The necessary research to write the post, finally write, then revise, post and finally, still publicize. After all that work, after some time. What happens to that content? It becomes obsolete! Yes, unfortunately this is what happens all the time. With the world updating every minute, we have. More and more information available. So that your blog does not fall behind and start to lose positions in the. Serps of google, check out our post and stay tuned on how to update your content.

What is content re-optimization

It is the improvement of already published content, in order. To promote a constant improvement in the organic results of a website or blog. The technique consists of discovering the texts that have. Outdated or incomplete information and updating Saudi Arabia Business Email List them, seeking more visibility and clicks. Why update a content? Updating posts. Can bring several advantages to your strategy. The most obvious one is to make the content better and better, adding information. That you hadn’t thought of before. But behind this, there are other advantages, such as: improve conversions. Through new links and ctas; increase organic traffic: your updates may generate better performance in search engines; reinforcing authority.

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By performing constant updates and ensuring better placements on

Google, you will be reinforcing your authority. On the subject, in order to become a reference. Which pages to choose to reoptimize? This is a step that must be well planned and analyzed. Don’t just pick random posts and make any kind of EJ Leads changes. In case that was your thought, know that. Putting this practice into operation without a previous analysis, can even harm the performance of your site . So, to find out what content needs. To be updated, use google search console and work with the organic clicks report. With that in hand, opt for impression and position analysis. With this configuration, the tool will show the keywords of the ranked content.

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