In Advertising Return on Investment (Roi)

 In advertising, return on investment (roi) is not the only metric.  Online advertising message . Those who focus on roi risk giving less value to customers. Everyone talks about roi, or rather everyone talks too much.  And only about roi, without taking into consideration.  Other equally important metrics, which, like roi, help to understand . The health of a business, the effectiveness of its marketing actions.  And, more specifically, advertising campaigns. Let’s start by saying that the return on investment (roi) is not the only metric.  To take into consideration and examine, to know if your advertising . Investments are going well and if they are achieving the results you had set yourself. Without taking anything away from the roi,

KPIs, metrics, indicators: what are we talking about?

There is another kpi that in our opinion deserves . To be taken into consideration, and which comes into play.  In the calculation of long-term expenses. This is the customer time life value (clv) , which is the value of the customer . Over time , a metric that every company should new data measure and which, . Instead, is often overshadow by the return on investment. Kpis, metrics, indicators: what are we talking about? A small clarification might help you in this discussion. The starting point is the concept . Of kpi, the acronym for key performance indicator, in italian.  Performance indicator or key to success. What is or what are kpis, given that there is not just 

In an advertising campaign, ROI has its weight

One kpi, but several kpis? They are qualitative and quantitative measures also call metrics or indicators,. Which are us to understand the performance of a company, marketing . Nd the degree of achievement of objectives. Among these . Kpis or metrics are roi, number of customers, number of sales. , customer value or degree of loyalty, for example. Each digital marketing activity has its specific metrics. : in a google ads advertising campaign, for example, the kpis that tell you.  If online advertising is doing well are views, clicks on the ad, the number.  Of visitors to the site, page  EJ Leads views or sales, which were generat by your advertisements. In an advertising campaign, roi has its weight in an advertising campaign, roi, without a doubt, has its 

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