Why use videos in marketing strategies

The constant changes in the consumption habits of. The population have brought different types of disclosure to the market. There are numerous content formats and it is up to each. Company to explore those that most impact their personas . However, surveys show that videos have become the preferred format for users in recent times. According to comscore , 91% of internet users consume videos online and in brazil we have. The highest rate of video viewers in latin america. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this strategy is reserved only for companies. With large marketing budgets. It is possible to achieve good results even with reduced capital. We separate some of the advantages of adopting videos in your strategy.

Keep an eye out and boost your digital channels with this trend.

Increased engagement one of the main advantages. Of using videos in your digital marketing strategy is the high engagement generated by this type of content. A survey carried out by contentools revealed that. Video is the preferred format Hong Kong Business Email List for 34% of brazilian users of social networks. And this index is far superior to other formats. Such as images and texts, for example. Also, did you know that in just one minute of video, it is possible to communicate. Almost 2 million words? Added to this, the videos bring together all the essential communication elements for learning. Thus optimizing information and facilitating consumption.

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Increase in conversions according to fastcompany

Of online users say that videos help in the purchase. Decision, that is, if your company wants to reduce the process time, it is interesting to think about using this practice to increase your conversions. This is because videos help consumers to better see the operation and applicability of the products or. Services they are going to purchase. Ranking on EJ Leads google did you know that including videos on your website pages can increase the chances. Of a better ranking when presenting google search results? And this benefit ends up generating an increase in your company’s organic traffic . This is because videos are easily adapted to different devices and are preferred by the public. As they are easy and practical content to consume. In this way, they became the darlings of search engine algorithms.

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