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Our work inspires trust because we are dicat to understanding each business according to the brand’s priorities . Therefore, we always seek the most appropriate insights to improve decision-making in campaigns! Check below a list of the main Digital Marketing metrics and indicators , which we consider important to monitor, and better understand the importance of each of them for Digital Marketing actions! Return on Investment (ROI) ROI makes a comparative analysis between how much you spent and how much you grew in sales. A basic characteristic of how Digital Marketing works is precisely to improve profits, so this is one of the most important metrics to evaluate.

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 In Google Ads campaigns, the amount charg in CPA is equivalent to lead conversions within the website. Tip: 6 Google Ads metrics and indicators to pay attention to Cost Per Lead (CPL) CPL evaluates the expenses to generate a new lead . This metric helps with the way Digital Marketing works, because it shows whether campaigns are well adjust. Ideally, the CPL should be as low as possible, but high values ​​are also special data justifi if the conversions of leads to customers are efficient. The result is relative, which justifies hiring a specializ company to measure the metrics.

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Lead Calculator Spreadsheet Average ticket The average ticket is appli individually to an account to identify how much revenue that customer brings to the company. It is a metric that helps you understand when to apply engagement strategies, aiming to increase demand for the products/services purchas . Lifetime Value (LTV) LTV is a metric for evaluating each customer’s profit potential to prict results. It analyzes the full time of business with your client , that is, since he start EJ Leads requesting services/products. It nes to be at least three times above the CAC for the account to be sustainable.

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